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Do you know Yokai Collective?

Since it was born Yokai Collective Studio wanted to fuse entertainment, fun, different cultures, fantastical storytelling, and lots of magic. Everything in our favorite way of expression: the games!

We are an Indie Game Studio from Brazil, and we believe that, as in the Yokai Japanese tradition, our games must be extraordinary, mysterious and touching. They must have an educational side, and be part of our culture. But the most important thing, our games have to take the player to wonderful worlds where they can experience incredible adventures.

We are proud to announce that our first title is already being produced. Memories of Kami, the Origami Legend happens in a world of light called Kami, inhabited by the Origami. Those little paper creatures must stand against the darkness that tries to contaminate their home.

The game is a 2D side scrolling fast paced platform title, that also brings rpg-adventure elements, and the core mechanics is based on swift changes between the main characters to face each different challenge they stumble upon. This kind of gameplay, immersed in a beautiful plot, brings the message of transformation, trust and friendship that arises from the Memories of Kami.

Memories of Kami confirmed for BGS 10

The Brasil Game Show (BGS) is the greatest game convention of Latin America, and Yokai Collective Studio will have a booth at the Indie Area, where it will be displayed for the first time, the demo of Memories of Kami, the Origami Legend. This is also the first playable version of the game.

We'd like to have the most direct feedback from our players to enhance the game experience by improving already existing content and/or implementing new cool ideas that shall born during the interaction. You are invited to participate in this exchange and try the game with exclusivity. Your opinion is the most valuable for us.

The event happens in São Paulo, Brazil from October 11th to 15th. For more informations visit the BGS webpage at:

See You There!

The Guardians of Glory - Part I

The Guardians of Glory are very important for the balance and the safety of Kami. They not only fight against the Incidents and the Contamination of the Thousand Years, but also their existence guarantees that certain positive aspects of Kami flow abundantly.

As Kami is a paradise of positivity and most of the Incidents are not really a thing, our Guardians have the tendency to be a little lazy in relation to their duty. (Like when we have to do the house cleaning. You know what i mean, right?) For that reason, the Guardians came up with a relay system in which each one of them goes to combat at a time. But as they all have much more interesting things to do, this relay usually end up in conflicts.

One of the most lazy and cheater of them is the Rabbit. As the Monkey is the next Guardian on the relay line, it is usually the main victim of the Rabbit's cheating attempts.

The Rabbit is not a bad guy, its just the opposite. It is the Guardian of Health and Physical Vigor of all beings in Kami. Its existence makes everyone healthy overflowing vitality. Too much energy tho, can sometimes... The Rabbit is the fastest Guardian in flat lands. Its special spells are Viverie that recovers the creatures's vigor and Vernier that increases one's speed.

To be the fastest Guardian is also reason for more discussions among the youngest, that love a running contest. The Rabbit is the champion in plain areas. But if the air is free of obstacles the Humming-Bird is the king. If there are lots of obstacles everywhere like in a forest, the Monkey is the one to win. As Guardian of cheating, i mean, Health and Vigor, the Rabbit is always using its Vernier to win the races no matter what. And so, another fight begins.

Don't get it wrong, the youngest Guardians are not troublemakers at all, they have a reason for so much competition. As they just arrived to the group of protectors of Kami, they don't have such stories of bravery and glory like the powerful older Guardians. That's why they are so interested in surpass one another, and be great in something.

The Monkey, Guardian of Joy, has the power to rises the spirit of all beings in Kami, making them feel a profound happiness. Happiness and Joy overflow on the Monkey's personality. It  is always making jokes or excited about parties. But it's very lazy to fight Incidents when it means to stop playing with the others. The older Guardians don't care much about playing with Monkey. But as the Rabbit also share this energetic trait, they both spend a lot of time together having fun. The attraction between these two is strong and so are the fights. The other Guardians always have to separate them, but their friendship is actually amazing.

The Humming Bird, is the Guardian of Kami's Beauty. Although Humming Bird is always with other children Guardian, it is a little bit more mature and less interested in playing despite its age. It prefers to fly all over Kami flourishing with beauty wherever it goes with its spell Floracea. The Humming Bird is sometimes so absorbed into its quest of making everything beautiful that it can be a little annoying with such perfectionism. It's always transforming and embellishing Kami and it's common that it forgets to go home, forgets the other Guardians, and the worst of all, it forgets to fight the Incidents! The Monkey and the Rabbit make the Humming Bird have some fun with them by threatening one of the Humming Bird's creation or provoking it saying that the Humming Bird is just cute but useless as a Guardian. The little bird is always caught by the provocation and the three children have good times together having fun at the Zen Garden in the Temple of Life.

Now you know a bit of our three yougest Guardians. Soon you'll learn about the sweet tooth Panda, the pacific Bull and the over-protective Tiger. See Ya!

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