Kami, the magic world of positive energy, is a paradise inhabited by little creatures made of paper called the Origami. This world of light and blessings, in which all the good things of the Universe flow abundantly, is from time to time, attacked by other world's negative energy. Those attacks of dark energy are called Incidents by the residents of Kami. When the black magic insurges in Kami, many manifestations occur, such as diseases, accidents, and all kinds of disorder and disgrace. But the Incidents, usually are not so dangerous, because as soon as they happen, they are fought and defeated by the nine famous Sacred Guardians of Kami's Glory.

The Guardians of Glory are powerful animals chosen by Destiny, and their duty is to eliminate all darkness that invades the gorgeous paradise of Kami. It's not necessary the action of all nine Guardians to end common Incidents. But, every thousand years, a tremendous Incident attacks Kami, and this is one of true danger that demands the power of all Guardians - together - to be defeated. This serious Incident is called The Contamination Of The Thousand Years. And this time, the Twenty Seventh Contamination of the Thousand Years comes with the most ferocious and irresistible powers of all. With the very wicked intent to destroy our Guardians' fantastic world for good and forever.


Do you know Yokai Collective?

Yokai Collective Studio is a newborn indie game studio from Brazil. Did you think it was from Japan? Well, a lot of people do too. Indeed the Orient has always been a great source of inspiration and an amazing fuel for imagination in Yokai Collective. The result of these influences is Memories of Kami, the Origami Legend. A game that brings extraordinary paper creatures, legends, fantasy and a little bit of drama, why not? Its our beloved debut title. Click to learn more about Yokai Collective.

Memories of Kami confirmed for BGS 10!

Memories of Kami has its presentation confirmed at the Brasil Game Show 10. We chose BGS, the Latin America's biggest game convention, for the first exhibition of our game. Come to see the demo of Memories of Kami at our both. Become a Guardian and play with us! We'd love to hear your feedback! Read the details.

The Guardians of Glory - Part I

Kami (If you don't know yet, go back to Story Section ASAP!) is protected by nine amazing animals, the Sacred Guardians Of Kami's Glory, or just Guardians of Glory for close friends... Do you know that they all have very particular powers and personalities?
Click here to meet our heroes. And don't worry. We are not giving spoilers of everything. We are saving the best surprises for when you are going to play ;D

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